Mar 062011

March 1st at morning assembly at Parijat Academy the children went through their morning devotional after which we sang songs and went for a Gandhi Peace Walk around the Village Pamohi.  Some people from JBF (Just Be Friendly) were there also.

Yesterday Uttam, Aimoni and a girl from Delhi and I went to a TV recording studio where I was interviewed by a man called Wasbir Hussain.  He is a very well known journalist who writes for many outlets and also has a Sunday “Meet Whoever “.  I am the meet whoever for this coming Sunday TV presentation, it goes for half an hour.

We are having a Gandhi Peace Walk in Guwahati on Sunday 13th March.  There has also been a lot of  work put into the running of the Delhi Gandhi Peace Walk.


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  1. Tell us more tell us more! Wish I was there 🙂

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