Feb 262011
Not much sleep on flight to Singapore but very well fed.  Arrive Singapore on time and then have a wait of around 5.5 hours before the flight leaves for Delhi. The Delhi flight takes around 7 hours and I did not get a lot of sleep, arrive Delhi on time 5.30 am and then have another wait of around 6.5 hours for flight to Guwahati.  Delhi airport is now very up to date …..a result of Commonwealth Games. Finally get to Guwahati and am met by Uttam and his new wife Aimoni. When I arrived at Delhi I was a bit tired through lack of sleep but that all magically disappeared when I arrived at Guwahati and saw the smiling faces of Aimoni and Uttam. Uttam is a very lucky man to have such a lovely wife.
Uttam’s brother has now got a small 2nd hand Car and we then drove back to Parijat Academy arriving around 2.30 pm. It was wonderful to meet all Uttam’s family again.  I am so happy to be here and am always very hopeful of making a difference.

As you can see by the photos Garvin has been interviewed by a radio station and today he was interviewed by a television station.  More updates soon!

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Feb 202011
Sun 20/02/11 – 2.30pm:  Today I leave from Brisbane International Airport heading for India.  My hopes are high!  I will be in touch as soon as I can.
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